A-League Grand Final Review

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It was a great way to finish off a great A League season. The 2 best teams fighting it out in a close battle to be the champions for the 2013/14 season.

Even though they were the best 2 teams, it was always going to be an uphill battle for Western Sydney having to head up to Suncorp Stadium where Brisbane have been so dominate all season.

The game started off a little slow but it picked up pretty quickly. Western Sydney got fired up after about 20 minutes and got a little lose on their tackles, Santalab and D’Apuzzo both received yellow cards within minutes of each other giving Brisbane a couple of nice chances.

The first half concluded with neither team finding the net, Brisbane had the better of the chances but couldn’t convert anything.

Just before the hour mark Ono whipped in a cracking cross that was partnered with an equally cracking header by Spiranovic that made the top corner of the net bulge, giving Western Sydney the first elusive goal of the match. With only half an hour left it was going to be hard for Brisbane to come back from here.

Shortly after the goal Hersi joined a couple of his teammates earning himself a yellow card too. While Western Sydney was in a dominating position, they had to start watching their fouls.

Brisbane continued their strong attacks for the next 25 minutes until the Western Sydney defense couldn’t take it any longer. Brisbane scored an equaliser in the only way you’d expect, a brilliant cross from Broich to Berisha, their 2 go to guys all season. Berisha had no trouble heading home the winner at close range in his final A League game for Brisbane.

After 5 minutes of injury time, regular time came to end at 1-1, the Grand Final was going into injury time.

Western Sydney continued their roughhouse tactics throughout extra time with Poljak, Polenz and Mooy all picking up yellow cards as well.

Just after half way through extra time the dead lock was broken. Henrique was the one to be bathed in glory and he finished off a nice play knocking home a goal from the box.

From here it was Brisbane’s Grand Final to lose. Brisbane played it safe from then onwards, maintaining possession for as much time as possible and running down the clock. Western Sydney basically didn’t even get a chance to get an equaliser.

The game finished at 2-1 to Brisbane, a deserved winner, they were clearly the best team on the night, and all season.

On the punting side of things the game didn’t turn out too well. Brisbane had plenty of chances and just couldn’t get it done in regular time. The $1.60+ available for Brisbane to win the match looked a good price and clearly it was, although you may not of been thinking that at the 85 minute mark.

It wasn’t the ideal way to end the season, but it was close and the game and it could of gone either way.



Brisbane:                        2

Western Sydney:            1


Brisbane:                        59%

Western Sydney:             41%


Brisbane:                         20

Western Sydney:             10

Shots On Target:

Brisbane:                           5

Western Sydney:            7


Brisbane:                           607

Western Sydney:                403


Brisbane:                             13

Western Sydney:              32

Yellow Cards:

Brisbane:                              0

Western Sydney:               6

Red Cards:

Brisbane:                               0

Western Sydney:                 0


Brisbane:                              28

Western Sydney:                 28


Brisbane:                               4

Western Sydney:                7

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I’ve always been a massive soccer fan, starting with Manchester United in my early days (still love the Red Devils). While I followed the old NSL a little, I really got into Australian soccer once the A-League had been up and going for a couple of years. I’m amazed how it gets bigger and better every year and I’m excited to see where it will go in the future. I also have a keen interest in gambling and trying to use statistics to find an edge that others can’t. As soon as TheProfits asked if I would be interested in writing A-League for them I jumped at the opportunity. I hope that I can pass on some of my knowledge on both soccer and gambling to others, and I always appreciate any feedback or advice, I know that I’ve always got plenty to learn too. And most importantly, I hope I can help others win some cash and send those bookies broke.

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