MLB Week 10 Preview & Bets

What a week of games just gone by, some really good matchups and a lot of un predictable results. The Blue Jays get their 9 game winning streak snapped in dramtic fashion. Astros go on their own little streak and the Angels continue to make up ground on the A’s who themselves played a great series against the Tigers. Well into another week and once again we have some huge series to start us off. A’s vs Angels the pick of them all. On to it we go.

Sunday 1st June

Best Bet

Yankees -1.5 ($1.80)

Next Best

Reds ($1.85)

Suggested Multi

Yanks, Reds and Astros to win ($4.50)

Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankees (3am AEST)

Twins ($3.10) – Correia

Yankees ($1.35) – Tanaka

Over/Under  –  Under 7.5 ($2.0) Over 7.5 ($1.75)


Yankees. After suffering his first loss the other week Tanaka has bounced back, allowing only 1 run in over 6 innings. His record moved to 7-1 with an ERA of 2.29. Yanks batting has been rather sluggish of late and they will be looking to sort that out asap. Twins pitcher Correia has struggled to get deep into games with only going 7 innings or more in 10 starts.  Averaging only over  5 innings per start, his record is at a rather poor 2-6 with an ERA of 6.34. Considering this is the first time the Twins line up has faced Tanaka and they are not familiar with his nasty splitter i have to give over whelming advantage to the Yankees. Hopefully they can put a few runs up and cover the line

Suggested Bet 

Yankees -1.5 ($1.80)

Cincinnatie Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacks (12pm AEST)

Reds ($1.85) – Cueto

D-Backs ($1.90) – Mc Carthy

Over/Under  –  Under 7.5 ($2.0) Over 7.5 ($1.75)


Reds. Talk about a hard luck pitcher. Cueto has been outstanding all season with an EAR of 1.83 his record somehow sits at 4-4. We can blame the Reds lacklustre offense for all of that. In 5 of his 11 starts the Reds have scored 3 runs or fewer, including 2 shutouts. They need runs or their season is going to slip away. D-backs could provide that for them, an abysmal home record and the leagues leaders in runs allowed. Mc Carthy is so inconsistent 1-6 on the season with an ERA of 4.87. Hard not to look past  a Reds win. Do they score enough runs though. If they do, they cover the -1.5 line.

Suggested Bet


Other Suggested Bets

Baltimore Orioles vs Houston Astros (6am AEST)

Tillman has struggled for Baltimore and he is up against a pitcher who has impressed in Keuchel. Astros offense has sparked lead by Springer and they are on a nice roll at the moment. Price should be value enough to take Astros to win. ($1.77)

Monday  2nd June 

Best Bets throughout the week will be posted on Twitter once markets are available

Pittsburgh Pirates vs LA Dodgers (Live ESPN 10am AEST)

Pirates – Volquez

Dodgers – Greinke

Over/Under  –


Dodgers. Greinke was superb in his last start striking out 11 in over 7 innings. His record has moved to 8-1 and ERA of 2.18. For me, at the moment he is the front runner for the NL Cy Young award. He is up against a pitcher who is just struggling. His command is all over the place, walking 5 in his last start. Even though he lit up the radar for 98mph. His record sits at 2-4 with an ERA of 4.30. While the Pirates bats can at times light it up, they are too inconsistent. They already have grabbed a win in LA and unless they can hit Greinke all around the park I cannot see them winning this. Volquez is likely to give up some runs to a very good Dodgers line up. Have to take LA and Greinke to grab win 9 on the season.

Suggested Bet

Dodgers -1.5

Atlanta Braves vs Miami Marlins (3am AEST)

Braves – Harang

Marlins – Eovaldi

Over/Under  –


Marlins. Marlins have been super impressive at home. Eovaldi has been solid with an record of 4-2 and an ERA of 3.36. He got the win against the Braves in late April. Harang has lost that early season form and he got belted in his last start in Miami. Marlins have a cracking home record and can put up runs rather quickly. They are somehow despite injures putting pressure on the Braves at the top of the NL East. Will they sustain that ? probably not due a few key injuries, however in the meantime they are having plenty of fun challenging and I see them getting the better of Harang again.

Suggested Bet


LA Angels vs Oakland A’s (6am AEST)

Angels – Weaver

A’s – Gray

Over/Under  –


A’s. Probably the matchup of the week, well on paper at least. Angels are right on the heels of the A’s in the AL West and they travel to O.Co Coliseum looking to at least grab a win or 2 in the series. Great pitching matchup Weaver 6-3, ERA 2.99 vs Gray 5-1, ERA 2.31. A’s pitcher Gray allowed more then 3 runs in a start for the first time all season in his last outing against the Tigers. Weaver’s last appearance was not his best giving up 7 hits and 3 walks in 6 innings. Not bad but that’s the standard he has set for himself. Since starting below par he has really got back on track. 2 teams who can put up runs and can hit the ball out of the park. I’m going to take A’s. Just though.

Suggested Bet

Waiting for markets

Other Suggested Bets

Kansas City Royals vs Toronto Blue Jays (3am AEST)

After getting their streak snapped the Jays will be looking for revenge and still keep a hold on the top of the AL East. Big Bats have been winning them games. Think they can do that again here. Royals don’t score many and they have used them up in last few appearances. Toronto have their ace on the mound. Blue Jays -1.5

Note: I have been testing out using variable units in regards to confidence, once I have enough data and am happy with the results this could be the way we move forward in the 2nd half of the season. Or possibly sooner. Will take a few weeks till I’m happy with the sample size. Just a heads up as you may soon be noticing differences in Units for each play. As currently all Bets are based on single unit. I feel while this is good for bankroll management it may not be the answer for potential profits. Trying to strike that fine balance between the 2.

Hope you all have a good week with your MLB betting, hopefully your thoughts on the games match up with mine. As always these are only a select few games I was interested in, feel free to share your opinions on any games at @MLB_TheProfits on Twitter. Happy Punting.

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