NBA – Monday 31 January 2011 – Betting options & tips


With 7 games on the cards we have looked at each game and given our reasons behind each pick.

We have listed the games in order of preference. This means number 1   is the most confident bet while 7 is least confident. I hope they help   you with your tips and picking a winning bet.

Rank Away Home Win Touch/Don’t Line Reason
1 Washington Dallas Dallas Touch -2.5 Washington have not won away all year and Dallas are in form. Will be way too good.
2 Charlotte Utah Utah Touch 0 Utah have not lost for a while at home apart from their loss to spurs. They should easily handle Charlotte here.
3 Orlando Memphis Orlando Touch 3.5 Memphis are 7/3 recent record but have not beaten anyone of substance
4 Milwaukee Clippers Clippers Touch 0 Clippers have not lost at home for a while and have been VERY strong there. Should take care of a out of form Milwaukee
5 Cleveland Miami Miami Touch -10.5 Miami beat Toronto at home by 17, 4 games back. This should be easily repeated with a full strength Miami on the court. Orlando beat Cleveland by 16 today.
6 Toronto Indiana Toronto Unsure 13.5 Cannot take a negative line on Indiana who have lost 7/8 only a win over nets. Toronto are no better. They have gone close to a few decent teams away but unpredictable.
7 Denver New Jersey New Jersey Unsure No odds as of posting time so no comment on this game as of yet.

To achieve this line, we are using and we are   choosing the PICK YOUR OWN LINE method allowing us to get as close to   $1.50 odds for the matchs as possible. We are putting the same amount on   each bet. While we have listed 8 options to touch, we will decide an   hour before the start of matchs the exact number we will touch. It is   normally between 3-6 but can blow out to 8.

Previous results

Sunday 30 January 2011: 3/5 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Saturday 29 January 2011: 5/8 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Friday 28 January 2011: 5/8 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Thursday 27 January 2011: 2/3 (double bet on one winner) – resulting in a 1/2 bet win
Wednesday 26 January 2011: 5/5 – resulting in a 2 & 1/2 bet win


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