NBA – Tuesday 8 February 2011 – Betting options & tips


With 7 games on the cards we have looked at each game and given our reasons behind each pick.

We have listed the games in order of preference. This means number 1         is the most confident bet while 7 is least confident. I hope   they     help   you with your tips and picking a winning bet.

Rank Away Home Win Touch/Don’t Line Reason
1 Indiana Miami Indiana Touch 14.5 Indiana have won 4 in a row (2 away nets and Cleveland). Indiana won the last meeting (ages ago) by 16. Miami have won 6 in a row. Indiana playing well enough for this HUGE line.
2 San Antonio Detroit San Antonio Touch -2.5 Spurs have won 5 of last 6 (loss to portland with aldridge on fire). Spurs shot 57%/38%/66% against Kings last game. Shooting avg 55% best in league. Detroit have won last 2 (4 loses previously) against bucks + nets who are bad. Spurs will bring a lot more pressure and will win.
3 Toronto Milwaukee Toronto Touch 11.5 Milwaukee have lost 4 in a row and 6 back beat Toronto (Overtime) by 6. Shot 39%/23%/93% in loss to Detroit. Toronto won against Minnesota (shooting 54%/27%/89%) with Minnesota backing up yesterday by beating Hornets.
4 Clippers Orlando Clippers Touch 13.5 Orlando have won 3/8 recently. Orlando won the last game against Clippers by 9. Clippers have lost their last 6 on the road but are still playing decent ball. They shot 32%/25%/69% last game against Miami. Shooting 40/35/70 will give them this line easily.
5 Memphis Oklahoma Memphis Touch 12.5 Oklahoma have won 6/8 with 1-1 record against Memphis (5 point memphis 9 point oky win). Memphis have won 8/11. Should get 11.5-12.5 line on this game. Worth touching Memphis
6 Minnesota Houston Houston Don’t -4.5 Minnesota upset a poor New Orleans team and come in full of Confidence. Houston are on a 3 game streak and should win this. Best to stay away from.
7 Philadelphia Atlanta Atlanta Don’t 0 Atlanta have won 4/5 recently (loss to Dallas) and 2-0 over Philly this year. Philly have won 6/8 last few games. Can’t Touch this game.

To achieve this line, we are using and we are         choosing the PICK YOUR OWN LINE method allowing us to get as   close   to     $1.50 odds for the matchs as possible. We are putting   the same     amount on   each bet. While we have listed 5 options to touch, we   will   decide an   hour before the start of   matchs the exact number   we will   touch. It is   normally between   3-6 but can blow out to 8.

Previous results

Monday 7  February 2011: 2/7 – resulting in a 4 bet loss
Sunday 6 February 2011: 2/4 – resulting in a 1 bet loss
Saturday 5 February 2011: 5/6 – resulting in a 1 & 1/2 bet win
Friday 4 February 2011: 5/8 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Thursday 3 February 2011: 3/3 – resulting in a 1 & 1/2 bet win
Wednesday 2 February 2011: 5/8 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Tuesday 1 February 2011: 3/4 – resulting in a 1/2 bet win
Monday 31 January 2011: 5/5 – resulting in a 2 & 1/2 bet win
Sunday 30 January 2011: 3/5 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Saturday 29 January 2011: 5/8 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Friday 28 January 2011: 5/8 – resulting in a 1/2 bet loss
Thursday 27 January 2011: 2/3 (double bet on one winner) – resulting in a 1/2 bet win
Wednesday 26 January 2011: 5/5 – resulting in a 2 & 1/2 bet win
Tota Profit for the week Wednesday 26 Jan – Tue 1 Feb 2011 = 450% of bet stake


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