2016 Brownlow Medal Analysis

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Welcome to The Profits analysis of the 2016 Brownlow Medal. It’s been a very long season and we come into the count with what most expect to be a fairly ‘boring’ count in terms of the winners market, with Mr Dangerfield the $1.26 favourite. On our sheets and on every other sheet i’ve put my eyes upon, Dangerfield is head and shoulders ahead of the next best in Martin and Bontempelli. The only possible way I could see him losing the count is if a Sydney player is singled out all year by the umpires and they overpoll by a significant amount. This year there seems to be more markets to look at than ever before so using our spreadsheet to shop around, as well as comparing to others thoughts, should have you well in on the night.

We will be live tweeting round-by-round updates of where we see the top 10 finishing after every round as well as votes to watch out for the next round, so don’t forget to follow us on @TheProfitsComAu.

2016 Leaderboard
EPPG = Extra Potential Polling Game
Player Total Votes EPPG
Patrick Dangerfield 32 4
Dustin Martin 25 4
Marcus Bontempelli 25 2
Rory Sloane 23 0
Luke Parker 21 5
Sam Mitchell 21 3
Dan Hannebery 20 6
Luke Shuey 20 5
Robbie Gray 20 4
Joel Selwood 20 3
Jack Steven 20 1

The above features the final leaderboard according to @AFL_TheProfits. As noted, EPPG stands for Extra Potential Polling Game where no votes have been awarded to a player.

Download the full Spreadsheet here. Please note that there are multiple tabs in this excel document.


Crownlow Markets
1 unit Josh Gibson @ $3.25 – Full Back Line
1 unit Ben Reid @ $2.75 – Centre Half Back Line
1 unit Luke Dahlhaus @ $3.00 – Half Forward Flank Line
3 units Lance Franklin @ $2.40 – Centre Half Forward Line

Head to Head Markets
1 unit Seb Ross @ $2.00 – David Zaharakis vs Seb Ross
1 unit Patrick Cripps @ $2.10 – Jack Viney vs Patrick Cripps
2 units Luke Dahlhaus @ $2.00 – Matt Crouch vs Luke Dahlhaus
3 units Lachie Neale @ $2.45 – Scott Pendlebury vs Lachie Neale

Top 3 Markets
2 units Dustin Martin @ $2.37
1 unit Marcus Bontempelli @ $3.25

Top 5 Markets
10 units Dustin Martin @ $1.40

Top 10 Markets
2 units Luke Shuey @ $1.90
1 unit Robbie Gray @ $2.55


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