2017 Brownlow Medal Analysis

Welcome to The Profits analysis of the 2017 Brownlow Medal.

It’s been a season of twists and turns with Patrick Dangerfield (our top pick pre-season at $6) hitting a short $1.50 quote before being suspended during the season, making it a one horse race with Dustin Martin likely to not only take out Charlie tonight, but break the 35 vote record at the same with polling in up to 18 games with an expected 11 best on grounds.

Josh Kelly was the ‘surprise packet’ of the season and a big chance of finishing second overall after starting the season at $251 (with UBET) and tipped in our season preview as the best roughie of the season due to the injury to Giants top vote getter last year Conliglio in the pre-season.

This is no doubt expected to be one of the most one-sided counts in recent memory and will not present any strong in-play opportunities unlike the past years, so just sit back and watch your bets come in over the 23 rounds.

Access the full excel spreadsheet here.

Please note there are TWO Tabs, one with Top 19 and the other with full vote counts.


Below are a list of bets I will be taking from Sportsbet.

10 unit bets

Seb Ross v Trent Cotchin – H2H – Seb Ross @ $1.65

7.5 unit bets
Tom McDonald v Taylor Walker – H2H – Taylor Walker @ $1.66
Seb Ross Over 14.5 Votes @ $1.80
Callan Ward v Lachie Neale – H2H – Callan Ward @ $1.72

5 unit bets
Jack Steven v Dyson Heppel – H2H – Jack Steven @ $1.80
Dylan Shiel v Scott Pendlebury – H2H – Scott Pendlebury @ $1.87

2.5 unit bets
Top 10 Finish: Seb Ross @ $8.00
Poll Better Than Last Year: Alex Rance (7 Votes) – No @ $2.50


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