2011 AFL – Early Round 7 Tipping and Betting Analysis

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Port Adelaide ($4.60) vs Hawthorn ($1.20) – Friday
Hawks go into the game huge favourites. While most teams this year have not played well coming off a bye, anyone in the league can beat Port Adelaide this year.
We have jumped off the band wagon and given Port all the faith we can for the year.
Hawks will dominate this game and win by 40+ points
$1.20 is amazing value.
Betting Option: Hawks -4.5 $1.25

Western Bulldogs ($1.68) vs Sydney ($2.19) – Saturday
Bulldogs and Sydney were both up and down last week. Both had ‘good games’ in parts. Sydney lost a key player in Kieran Jack who is going to be for a few months.
Both teams have been rather disappointing this year.
If Higgens and Hall are slotted back into the Doggies team, it should be a close game.
Best left untouched. Bulldogs by 14 points
Betting Option: Better games to look at

Geelong ($1.06) vs North Melbourne ($9.35) – Saturday
Geelong are playing amazing football. North played well against Port Adelaide on the weekend and had a huge number of shots on the goal.
The betting does reflect how the game should be played out. Geelong has won the last 24 games at Skilled Stadium and this will continue.
Geelong by 30 points
Betting Option: Better games to look at.

Richmond ($2.35) vs Fremantle ($1.60) – Saturday
We were amazed when we saw the prices for this game. Richmond have drawn this year with St Kilda (Playing horrible). Beat Brisbane (Bottom of the ladder) and also beat North Melbourne (bottom 4).
They are coming up against Fremantle who have taken 4 wins and 1 loss (to Geelong) and sit in 4th on the ladder.
$1.60 is AMAZING odds for Fremantle and they should punish Richmond on the weekend by 37 points.
Betting Option: Fremantle $1.60 Head-to-head or for a very safe bet, Fremantle +20.5 at $1.25

Gold Coast ($8.00) vs Brisbane ($1.08) – Sunday
It is very amazing to see a game where a team ABOVE another team on the ladder is $8 odds vs $1.08. Brisbane is by far the better team and have been unflattered by their position on the laddar.
Gold Coast came back from 40 behind against a woeful Port Adelaide and were lucky in that game.
The odds are around the correct margins and Brisbane should win by 30 points
Betting Option: Better games to look at

Essendon ($1.20) vs West Coast ($4.60) – Sunday
Essendon is sitting on 14 points from 6 games while West Coast are sitting on 12 from 5 games coming off a convincing win over Melbourne and small loss against Hawthorn.
Essendon are flattered by these odds. They are no where near this good against a team like West Coast.
Essendon SHOULD win this game and it should be around the 20 point mark.
Betting Option: West Coast +52.5 at $1.25

Melbourne ($1.72) vs Adelaide ($2.13) – Sunday
It amazes all of us that Melbourne are sitting inside the 8! Melbourne were TERRIBLE last week against West Coast and really hurt without Scully in the midfield. They also lack any forward pressure and forward-line.
We would want Petterd and a couple more inclusions to change the following comments. Adelaide were great against St Kilda last week considering they had a large number of injuries and still do. Tambling has been suspended for 1 week and was quite good last week. The previous game, Adelaide LOST to Port.
Both teams are on struggle street but Adelaide should get up in a close one by 8 points.
Betting Option
: Adelaide by 36.5 $1.25

St Kilda ($2.80) vs Carlton ($1.44) – Monday

St Kilda were woeful last week against a lackluster Adelaide while Carlton were brilliant in the 2nd half of the game against Sydney when the rain stopped.
St Kilda lose another experienced player for a week with Zach Dawson getting suspended for 1 week. St Kilda would want Ryan Gamble or Kozzy back in this week to stand a chance.
If teams remain the same, Carlton should dominate and destroy St Kilda by 36 points
Betting Option: Carlton +16.5 at $1.25

Please note all Betting Options are based on Centrebet’s Pick Your Own Line. Sportsbet pay significantly LESS for the Pick Your Own Line margins. Sportsbet only give better FULL line prices and better deals on first goal kicker etc.



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