Could you become a Betfair Trader?

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This Saturday 29 April in Sydney and the following Saturday 6 May in Melbourne is your only chance this year to attend what is set to be a life changing masterclass course presented by for anyone wanting to make a career, or a second income, out of trading on Betfair.

The Masterclass is hosted by RacingTraders and will be presented by Tony Hargraves, but you may know him as by another name on social media, The Badger. Tony was last in Australia in 2011 for courses held in conjunction with Betfair and I was lucky enough to attend one of them. Tony approaches these sessions with the ultimate professionalism and is willing to share every secret and trick to becoming a profitable trader on Betfair. Only 20 tickets remain to the Sydney course and 15 remain to the Melbourne course.

The training sessions start off by visiting the foundation principles of trading including discipline, money management, psychology of trading (very important) as well as research, strategy, risk and reasons for failure. This 2 & 1/2 hour session sets up the day for the two live trading sessions where you will be taught the tricks of the trade. You will then have an opportunity to socialise and enjoy a drink post-training with all of the attendees and most importantly swap emails and social profiles to build up your contact list.

Have a watch of the video below which is one of Tony’s online tutorials.

How much?

The standard pass for the Sydney or Melbourne session is $749. This includes 3 months access to the BetTrader and BetTornado software, full training manual, exclusive follow-up webinars, the full day of training and most importantly, unlimited follow up by email.

Let me be very clear, you won’t just learn how to trade successfully on Betfair in this course, but you will make some of your most important contacts going forward who you can bounce ideas off going forward into your trading career.

Who should attend?

The answer is anyone. If you believe you have the willpower to successfully trade and make a second income out of Betfair, this is the perfect starting point. If you feel you could take it a step further and make this a full-time career, then this is a must attend. If you are currently in the industry or already a full-time trader, then this is a perfect refresher and re-training session.

I will personally be attending the Melbourne course along with the two professional Betfair Traders, Martin and Oliver, whom I interviewed over the past month. As Martin said to me when I asked if he was attending, you should never stop learning and the price of this one-time event is less than any professional business training you will find in any industry.

Interested? Click the image below to learn more about the masterclasses.

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