Picking a winner– Identifying bad influences and eliminating them

The goal of doing your form is to successfully pick winners and to make a profit, so let’s for a second believe this is your full-time job and this is work. You don’t sit at work with rock music going 24/7, the television on with a movie or your husband/wife/girlfriend nagging you to take out the rubbish.

Yes it sounds stupid, but having a 20 minute bath with your eyes closed is one of the best ingredients for relaxing before you start punting. A work technique we live by in our day-to-day jobs is to work on items that are important and not urgent. This means you are doing the form when you have the spare time and not an hour before the races start, as this will make you feel under pressure and you will be working in the urgent basket.

Pick your environment carefully
Pick a place where you are comfortable and with as little distractions as possible. This could be your ‘betting den’, a local park, café, anywhere really as long as you can focus on the form guide.

Turn your phone off. Tell your significant other to give you 30 minutes alone time (and hope they believe it’s for form). Put on some relaxing music that helps you think. You should focus on your picks and remove any other troubles from your mind.

Some people call it bragging when you have a good day on the punt, but in reality, bragging contributes to your future confidence. If people around you see you as successful and start to respect you, you feel the same way. Confidence is essential in any job you perform in life and so is happiness. Have a watch of the following TED Talk about The happy secret to better work – http://youtu.be/fLJsdqxnZb0.

Other Influences
We follow many ‘punters’ in all types of sports on the internet and there are some clear trends you can see in their plays. More importantly, you can tell when one of them is suffering a bad streak or hard pressed for money as they tend to look wider in the markets than they normally would. Ask yourself at the end of every form session, are these really the best picks or have I gone too wide? We always find going over our tips and comparing those to someone else we respect in the industry is a good start. It may not change your picks, but it gives you a learning curve for the future and also reinforces your best bets of the day.

We will cover off on Bankroll more in a future article but, bad Bankroll Management can make even the best tipper a non-profitable punter. It is VERY important to have your unit limits set (at an appropriate value compared to your bankroll) as without this, you will have a hard time turning a large profit going forward. Ignore the amounts others are betting, you know how much you can afford to bet as a maximum.


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