TopBetta 250k Tournament

Fancy turning $110 into $100,000? I wouldn’t mind it either if you must know… and you will have to beat me to win the top prize! This weekend see’s the start of the TopBetta Brisbane Carnival $250,000 tournament, where punters from all around Australia compete against each other over four week’s to see who is Australia’s best punter. Is it you?

Before you read on, I want to make it clear that this is not a paid advertisement, but as you can clearly see, TopBetta advertising material does appear on our website.

How it works
The Tournament runs from May 21 all the way through to June 11, over the period of four Saturday meetings. At the start of each of the first three weeks of the tournament (and the fourth if you fail to bank any cash), your TopBetta account is credited with 10,000 tournament credits. Whatever you make at the end of each of the three Saturday’s is ‘banked’ and combined as your starting bank for the final meeting in week four of the tournament.

At the end of the fourth meeting, the person with the highest number of tournament credits takes out the top prize, a minimum of $100,000 AUD (this can rise if the tournament exceeds a certain entrant limit). The prize money doesn’t stop there, with second place taking home a cool $26,600, third $18,750, fourth $14,000 and so on all the way down to 54th with a prize of $925.

An added twist

What adds to the excitement and drama of this tournament is the leaderboard. All competitiors are ranked from top to tail and you can click on any of the players to view their previous bets. When you get down to the business end of things deep into tournaments, it’s not just about managing your bank, but also predicting the next move your opponents will make. Fighting out top position on the final day with a a punter who has been betting outsiders all tournament… do you really think they are going to risk it all on a double up through the $2 favourite? Will they try and maintain a top 10 position by betting 20% of their bank instead on the $5-1 shot second favourite. How will this affect your final bet of the tournament? If you really are Australia’s best punter, you will figure itout!

Are we competing on just on QLD racing?
No! While the tournament is named the Brisbane Carnival 250k Tournament, depending on the week, metro races in VIC, SA, QLD and NSW will all be available for betting.

Why am i promoting this tournament?

I played my very first TopBetta tournament a few months back and have competed twice since. I found the format very enjoyable and it provided me with a way to enjoy the full racing day and to get more involved with the other states racing events. While I didn’t win, half-way through the day I was ranked within the top 10, but failed to captialise and settled for a top 50 positon, gaining entry directly into this tournament. For the price of $110, you are getting four weeks of fun and enjoyment out of the tournament, with the chance to walk away with $100,000. The more people we can get involved in the tournament and future tournaments, the highert the potential prizepool will be.

Get started by visting TopBetta today. I look forward to competing against you all!



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