MLB Playoffs 26 October 2016

We are finally here. After months of “will they or won’t they” the Chicago Cubs finally punched themselves a ticket to the World Series. A short price favourite in April they did have a few scares against the Dodgers although the strength of that line up was just too much for even Kershaw to handle. Meeting them is the Cleveland Indians, we know at least one team is breaking one of the longest droughts in sporting history. What a fascinating series and one I think should at least go to 6 games.

I have some concerns with the Indians starting rotation, aside from Kluber and Bauer. Although that bullpen reminds me of the Royals in 2014 and 2015. As long as they within reach heading into the 6th inning they have a very good change every single game. That’s the thing with the Indians, alot of their losses are usually decided by the 3rd inning. Can’t forget that dreaded 4 game streak against the Twins that chewed up a chunk of the seasons profits. Will the extended break be a good or bad thing though. Has it bought an end to that momentum ? While the Cubs have all the momentum. After a few games struggling to get on the board that lineup and especially Rizzo could not be kept quiet. With a solid pitching rotation, bullpen and bench, this series does look like theirs.

Is the 108 year wait over ? Or do the Indians snap their 67 year dry spell. Going to be one hell of a series.

Wednesday 26th

World Series – Game 1

Cleveland Indians vs Chicago Cubs  (11.00am AEST Live on ESPN)  

Indians ($1.96) –  Kluber (18-9, 3.14 ERA)
Cubs ($1.88)  – Lester (19-5, 2.44 ERA)


Progressive Field gets to host the opening game of the World Series, thanks to the American League winning the All Star Game. That looks to be a good thing for the town of Cleveland. With Corey Kluber set to start game one.  He was 10-5 with a 3.24 ERA at home in 2016. His post season work has been tremendous aswell, giving up only 2 runs over 18 innings with a .197 BAA. However He has walked 7 with 20 strikeouts. The Cubs will look to work the count early and this could be the key factor. Can Kluber go 6 innings. If he does, I’m confident the Indians win. He has a .098 BAA against the core of this Cubbies lineup let’s not forget.

Jon Lester has had somewhat of a rejuvenation since his move to Chicago. Posting up some of his best career numbers at the age of 32. His one weakness being base runner and something the Indians are not exactly going to push. However his time in the AL with the Sox gave him plenty of pitches at the core of this Indians lineup. A .306 BAA, not too good. He has had a great post season with giving up 2 runs over 21 innings walking only 2.  Co NLSC MVP can he right his wrongs against this Indians lineup?

It’s a hard game to split with the matchups although the edge is with the Indians at home. Chicago may have scored their share of runs over the last 3 games against the Dodgers, and the Indians are still due a break out in the postseason. With the strength of the Indians pen I have to take them assuming the pen is well rested after impressive display against the Jays. Both Terry Francona and Joe Maddon are amazing managers and will use their strengths whenever they can. Buckle up cause this is going to be a lot of fun.

Suggested Game Bet –  Indians to win $1.96 (1u)
Suggested Series Bet – Cubs in 6 games $4.50 (0.5u) & Indians in 6 games $6.75 (0.5u)

Post Season Record  9-5 +2.79u
Hopefully your thoughts on the games match up with mine. As always these are only a select few games I was interested in, feel free to share your opinions on any games at @MLB_TheProfits on Twitter. Happy Punting.



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