Horse Racing Form for Mornington on 8 June 2015

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Horse Racing Form for Mornington on 8 June 2015​

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking today off the form and covering racing for a few reasons. Instead of posting nothing, i thought i’d give you the reasons explaining why.

The starter is what occurred on Saturday. It was a blowout for almost everyone in the industry and i’m really wanting to put some more effort into understanding how it occurred and if anything else should be looked into it other than putting it down as a one every two year kinda days. We really only had the one really good pick with Magicool in the Derby and for some reason it didn’t make the cut as a best e/w, once again, look more into my system of what is posted.

The second reason is quite clear when you look at the fields around. No race at Mornington is greater than a R-70/BM-70 race. The fields are poor in terms of class and the results i produce on this track with these types of fields isn’t impressive.

The third comes down to the fact that last night we finally completed our new website. While it wasn’t my plan, taking the day off the racing allows me to move content over to the new website to get it launched this week. Feedback from those that reviewed it for us was quite positive… should be a lot easier for those looking to find individual races/sporting events and will help with links direct to horse races/sports on twitter etc.

Hopefully you survive the day without me and i’m still happy to answer any form questions on twitter as always throughout the day! Good luck and happy punting!



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