Melbourne Cup 2019 – Ratings, Weights and Order of Entry

Horse Racing - Australia

The 2019 Melbourne Cup will be held on the first Tuesday in November, the 5th. Horses will fly in from all over the world to compete for the massive prize pool on offer. Below you will find a full list of nominations sorted by their Timeform Rating for the race.

Timeform RatingWeightOrder of EntryNameSex/GenderAgeTrainerPassed Qualification Stipulations?
12758kg3KEW GARDENS (IRE) H5Aidan O’BrienYes
12557.5kg5AVILIUS (GB) G6James CummingsYes
12455.5kg11MASTER OF REALITY (IRE) H5Joseph O’BrienYes
12457.5kg4CROSS COUNTER (GB) G5Charlie ApplebyYes
12457kg2LYS GRACIEUX (JPN) M6Yoshito YahagiYes
12353kg52KINGS WILL DREAM (IRE) G6Chris WallerYes
12354.5kg27YUCATAN (IRE) H6Liam HowleyYes
12356kg6MARMELO (GB) H7Hughie MorrisonYes
12356kg93HUMIDOR (NZ) G7Ciaron Maher & David EustaceYes
123?53.5kg42TORCEDOR (IRE) G8Andreas WohlerYes
12252kg65AMBITIOUS (JPN) H8Anthony FreedmanYes
12255kg17JOHANNES VERMEER (IRE) H7Liam HowleyYes
12255kg20ISPOLINI (GB) G5Charlie ApplebyYes
12156kg7HOMESMAN (USA) G6Liam HowleyYes
121?52kg73NELSON (IRE) G5Liam HowleyYes
12052.5kg12CONSTANTINOPLE (IRE) H4David & B Hayes & T DabernigYes
12052.5kg13IL PARADISO (USA) H4Aidan O’BrienYes
12052kg19VERRY ELLEEGANT (NZ) M4Chris WallerYes
12053.5kg15ANGEL OF TRUTH G4Gwenda MarkwellYes
12053.5kg21MAGIC WAND (IRE) M5Aidan O’BrienYes
12054kg31FINCHE (GB) G6Chris WallerYes
12054kg34RAYMOND TUSK (IRE) H5Richard HannonYes
12055.5kg8SOUTHERN FRANCE (IRE) H5Ciaron Maher & David EustaceYes
12055.5kg9MIRAGE DANCER (GB) H6Trent Busuttin & Natalie YoungYes
12055kg25TRAP FOR FOOLS G6Jarrod McLeanYes
11952.5kg56RED GALILEO (GB) G9Saeed Bin SuroorYes
11952kg95BUCKHURST (IRE) H4Joseph O’BrienYes
11954kg29MUNTAHAA (IRE) G7David & B Hayes & T DabernigYes
11954kg35GOLD MOUNT (GB) G7Ian WilliamsYes
11955kg14LATROBE (IRE) H5Joseph O’BrienYes
11955kg16MUSTAJEER (GB) G7Kris LeesYes
11852kg41YOUNGSTAR M5Chris WallerYes
11853kg48PRINCE OF ARRAN (GB) G7Charlie FellowesYes
11854.5kg28MORANDO (FR) G7Andrew BaldingYes
11855kg18ROSTROPOVICH (IRE) G5David & B Hayes & T DabernigYes
11855kg22HUNTING HORN (IRE) H5Aidan O’BrienYes
11751kg104CASCADIAN (GB) G5James CummingsYes
11751kg106VENICE BEACH (IRE) H6Liam HowleyYes
11753.5kg40BIG DUKE (IRE) G8Kris LeesYes
11753.5kg44DURETTO (GB) G8Matt CumaniYes
11753kg50DESERT SKYLINE (IRE) G6David ElsworthYes
117?53kg49PATRICK ERIN (NZ) G8Chris WallerYes
11650kg74NORWAY (IRE) H4Aidan O’BrienYes
11650kg118DOUGLAS MACARTHUR (IRE) G6Liam HowleyYes
11651.5kg53TRUE SELF (IRE) M7William MullinsYes
11652.5kg60DAL HARRAILD (GB) G7Ciaron Maher & David EustaceYes
11652kg100MEINER WUNSCH (JPN) H6Takahiro MizunoYes
11653.5kg43NEUFBOSC (FR) G5David & B Hayes & T DabernigYes
11653.5kg47DOWNDRAFT (IRE) H5Joseph O’BrienYes
11655kg23TWILIGHT PAYMENT (IRE) H7Joseph O’BrienYes
115p50kg131MOUNT EVEREST (IRE) H4Aidan O’BrienYes
11550.5kg83ETYMOLOGY G7James CummingsYes
11550kg51SCARLET DREAM M4Mark NewnhamYes
11551.5kg75BRIMHAM ROCKS (GB) G6Chris WallerYes
11551kg105LORD FANDANGO (GER) G7Archie AlexanderYes
11552.5kg10DJANGO FREEMAN (GER) H4Robert HickmottYes
11552.5kg57SIR CHARLES ROAD G6Lance O’Sullivan & Andrew ScottYes
11552kg24DASHING WILLOUGHBY (GB) H4Andrew BaldingYes
11553.5kg45SOUND (GER) H7Michael MoroneyNot yet qualified
11553kg55RAHEEN HOUSE (IRE) G6William HaggasNot yet qualified
11554kg33RED VERDON (USA) H7Ed DunlopNot yet qualified
11554kg36SIXTIES GROOVE (IRE) G7Kris LeesNot yet qualified
11450.5kg108MOUNTAIN HUNTER (USA) G6Saeed Bin SuroorNot yet qualified
11452kg26TECHNICIAN (IRE) H4Martyn MeadeNot yet qualified
11452kg68SIKANDARABAD (IRE) G7David & B Hayes & T DabernigNot yet qualified
11452kg72BARSANTI (IRE) G8Roger VarianNot yet qualified
11350.5kg85BIN BATTUTA (GB) G6Saeed Bin SuroorNot yet qualified
11351.5kg97THE CHOSEN ONE (NZ) H4Murray Baker & Andrew ForsmanNot yet qualified
11352.5kg99RED CARDINAL (IRE) G8Kris LeesNot yet qualified
11352kg66YOGI (NZ) G7Ciaron Maher & David EustaceNot yet qualified
11250kg91SULLY (NZ) G5Trent Busuttin & Natalie YoungNot yet qualified
11250kg98CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (IRE) H4David & B Hayes & T DabernigNot yet qualified
11250kg109ALFARRIS (FR) G6David & B Hayes & T DabernigNot yet qualified
11250kg145US ARMY RANGER (IRE) G7Liam HowleyNot yet qualified
11251kg77ZACADA (NZ) G7Murray Baker & Andrew ForsmanNot yet qualified
11252.5kg58GALLIC CHIEFTAIN (FR) H7Archie AlexanderNot yet qualified
11253kg96KENEDNA M6Ciaron Maher & David EustaceNot yet qualified
11150kg120EXEMPLAR (IRE) G6Liam HowleyNot yet qualified
11150kg138SPANISH STEPS (IRE) G6Liam HowleyNot yet qualified
11151kg61IN A TWINKLING G4Jamie RichardsNot yet qualified
11151kg79MIDTERM (GB) G7Michael & Luke CerchiNot yet qualified
11152kg38CROWN PROSECUTOR H4Stephen MarshNot yet qualified
11152kg64RUNAWAY R5Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottNot yet qualified
11152kg71HAKY (IRE) G6John HammondNot yet qualified
11153.5kg37SHRAAOH (IRE) G7Chris WallerNot yet qualified
111?51.5kg76STIVERS (ARG) H6Dermot K Weld 
11051kg81SWEET THOMAS (GER) G8Matthew SmithNot yet qualified
11052kg39GLORY DAYS (NZ) M7Bill ThurlowNot yet qualified
10950kg70ALIFEROUS M4Kris LeesNot yet qualified
10950kg114CALIBURN (IRE) H5Jamie RichardsNot yet qualified
10950kg124HARRISON (GB) G7Liam HowleyNot yet qualified
10950kg136SOUTH PACIFIC (GB) H4Aidan O’BrienNot yet qualified
10950kg146VERNANME (NZ) H4Stephen MarshNot yet qualified
10950kg147WALL OF FIRE (IRE) G7Ciaron Maher & David EustaceNot yet qualified
10952.5kg63OUR CENTURY (IRE) G9Kim WaughNot yet qualified
10850kg87HUSH WRITER (JPN) G5Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottNot yet qualified
10850kg113BEAU BALMAIN (GER) H5Jim ConlanNot yet qualified
10751kg32QAFILA M4David & B Hayes & T DabernigNot yet qualified
10752.5kg62GREY LION (IRE) G8Matthew SmithNot yet qualified
10752kg101POUNAMU G8Michael KentNot yet qualified
10650kg89WESTERN AUSTRALIA (IRE) H4Aidan O’BrienNot yet qualified
10650kg119EMINENCE (IRE) H4Aidan O’BrienNot yet qualified
10552kg69HARIPOUR (IRE) G6Chris WallerNot yet qualified
10250kg90TOP OF THE RANGE (NZ) G6Michael MoroneyNot yet qualified
10150kg141SUPERNOVA (GB) H5Michael, Wayne & John HawkesNot yet qualified
10050kg125HEART OF GRACE (JPN) M5Frank PangalloNot yet qualified
10053kg54YULONG PRINCE (SAF) H5Chris WallerNot yet qualified
9952.5kg1STEEL PRINCE (IRE) G6Anthony FreedmanNot yet qualified
9850kg111ATTENTION RUN (GER) M5Kris LeesNot yet qualified
9550kg92KING OF LEOGRANCE (FR) G5Liam HowleyNot yet qualified
9550kg137SPANISH POINT (GB) G5Liam HowleyNot yet qualified
9350kg121FAIRLIGHT (IRE) G5Kris LeesNot yet qualified
9250.5kg84AZURO (FR) G6Ciaron Maher & David EustaceNot yet qualified
9049kg149ECHO LAD G3Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottNot yet qualified
8850kg129MASTER OF WINE (GER) G5Michael, Wayne & John HawkesNot yet qualified
6049kg150ENTENTE C3Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottNot yet qualified
N/A52.5kg30MR QUICKIE G4Phillip StokesYes
N/A52kg46VOW AND DECLARE G4Danny O’BrienYes
N/A52.5kg59SURPRISE BABY (NZ) G5Paul PreuskerYes
N/A50.5kg67TRANSACT G4Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottYes
N/A51kg78BIZZWINKLE (NZ) G6Patrick PayneYes
N/A51kg80BLUE BREEZE (NZ) G6Allan MorleyYes
N/A50.5kg82SELF SENSE G9David BrideoakeNot yet qualified
N/A50kg86BONDEIGER H8Ciaron Maher & David EustaceYes
N/A50kg88VALAC (IRE) G8David & B Hayes & T DabernigYes
N/A55kg94MER DE GLACE (JPN) H5Hisashi ShimizuNot yet qualified
N/A50.5kg102GIRL TUESDAY M5Chris WallerYes
N/A51.5kg103NIGHT’S WATCH (NZ) G6Chris WallerNot yet qualified
N/A51kg107WREN’S DAY (USA) H6James CummingsYes
N/A50kg110ANGEL OF HEAVEN M4Kris LeesYes
N/A50kg112BASS (JPN) G6Liam HowleyYes
N/A50kg115CARIF H4Peter & Paul SnowdenYes
N/A50kg116DABIYR (IRE) G5Chris WallerYes
N/A50kg117DIVANATION M5Tony & Calvin McEvoyYes
N/A50kg122GUNDOWN G5Michael MoroneyYes
N/A50kg123HANG MAN (IRE) G6Michael MoroneyYes
N/A50kg126ILWENDO (GER) H6Matthew SmithYes
N/A50kg127LADY YOUNG M4Tony & Calvin McEvoyYes
N/A50kg128LOOKS LIKE ELVIS G5Bryan DaisYes
N/A50kg130MOSH MUSIC M5Archie AlexanderYes
N/A50kg132ONCE WERE LOST (IRE) G4Lindsey SmithYes
N/A50kg133OUR CANDIDATE (IRE) H5Kris LeesYes
N/A50kg134RE EDIT M4Chris WallerYes
N/A50kg135SAUNTER BOY (FR) G7Kris LeesYes
N/A50kg139STELLAR IMPACT (JPN) M5Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottYes
N/A50kg140SUPER TITUS (GB) G6David & B Hayes & T DabernigYes
N/A50kg142TARWIN G4Michael KentYes
N/A50kg143TAVISTOCK DANCER (NZ) G4Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)Yes
N/A50kg144THE GOOD FIGHT (NZ) G5Shaune RitchieYes
N/A50kg148WOLFE (JPN) G5Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottYes
N/A49kg151JUST THINKIN’ G3Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottYes
N/A49kg152RULE THE WORLD G3Gai Waterhouse & Adrian BottYes


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