Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns – January 14th 2011 – Game Analysis


Portland Trail Blazers
Record: 20-19
Home: 12-5
Away: 8-14
Last 10: 5-5
Streak: L2


Phoenix Suns
Record: 16-21
Home: 10-9
Away: 6-12
Last 10: 3-7
Streak: W1

Game Analysis
Portland and Phoenix have faced off 3 times this season and each time Portland has come our of the game with the win. Two games at Portlands home were won by 14 and 7 points while the game at Phoenix was won by 7. Suffering two loses in a row (one in overtime to Miami), Portland will be eager to win this game.

Phoenix have been struggling to win over the last months play with 3 wins from their land 10 games, all at home. Phoenix won in overtime on the 12th against the Nets a day after getting smashed by Denver the night before.

The odds for this match at time of Publication 16 hours before the match on www.centrebet.com.au are:
Portland Trail Blazers: $1.80
Phoenix Suns: $2.03

Portland should put the last two games behind them and win this game by 7 points.

Betting option
Portland go into this game slight favourites. We want to get a decent head start as we are not as confident of this games result as some of the others. We are looking to take $1.35 on this match which allows us a 7.5 point head start.


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