UFC 167 Georges St-Pierre VS Johny Hendricks

UFC 167 presents one of the highest quality cards we have seen in a while. The match ups are seriously good with only the Rory MacDonald fight giving us a short priced favourite among the main card. One things for sure, we are certainly going to be entertained. Our last write-up for UFC 165 didn’t go too well, so we have gone back to the drawing board and watched alot more fights and compared many more statistics to reach the conclusions. Enjoy the fights and hopefully back a winner!

Georges St-Pierre VS Johny Hendricks

We haven’t seen either of these fighters since they both successfully won their matches in March. Hendricks beat Condit (who GSP beat two fights ago) and GSP beat Diaz. Hendricks last fight saw him lose the strikes but crush COndit with 12 take downs in the 3 round fight. GSP’s last fight saw him dominate the strikes landing 64 more than Diaz and 9 takedowns to 0 including two passes. Either way you look at it, this is an interesting matchup. GSP has a huge reach advantage on Hendricks, but Hendricks does have the one-punch knockout power.

Georges St-Pierre
Undefeated since 2007, you certainly get the feeling that GSP’s best is behind him.. but his best was head and shoulders above anyone he fought. Previous to his KO loss to Serra in 2007, he hadn’t lost since his loss to Hughes in 2004. So 2 loses in 10 years, that is hard to ignore. While GSP in his prime would go for the Subs, KOs and more, his last 6 wins have all come in five round decisions.

Johny Hendricks
Won 11 of his last 12 fights (decision loss to Story in 2010). His last 6 fights have all been against solid opponents, but it is fair to say none of them are in the class on GSP. Hendricks is a top class wrestler and it is fair to suggest GSP hasn’t been against a wrestler of this quality in a long time. 6 of Hendricks last 10 fights have gone to decision while the other 4 have been KO victories.

The reach is a huge advantage for George in this fight. While Hendricks is a top class wrestler, his take down defense isn’t that great and I can see George going jab heavy to score points and landing takedowns when he wants. I would be a little surprised to see Hendricks win in a Decision, but he doesn’t give up. His more likely to win by KO. GSP should take this all the way and get it on points.

GSP to win by Decision ($1.71 with Sportsbet)

Rashad Evans vs Chael Sonnen

Two characters of the sport, Rashad certainly feels he is one of the best fighters around. A previous champion in 2008, it’s been a long time since he was ‘the best’. Since losing his title back in 2009, he has won 5 fights and lost two (Jon Jones and Nogueira) both in decisions. Since a Submission loss early in 2009 in his first UFC fight, Chael has fought 9 times winning 6 and losing all 3 championship fights against Silva, Silva and Jones. He was certainly unlucky to get caught in R5 against Silva but that happens against a champ. He doesn’t pack knock out power, but he can dominate fighters all over the ring for a full 3 rounds and even submit if an opportunity presents.

Rashad Evans
His last fight win over Henderson wasn’t anything special. He got out struck but landed the better blows. Henderson was knocked out just two weeks back by Belfort in R1 and certainly looks well past his prime so I can’t take much from the win. Previous to that, Evans lost to Nog where he lost the strike count by almost double. His loss to Jones also was a domination. Evans hasn’t dominated anyone since his fight against Ortiz in 2011.

Chael Sonnen
One of the hardest workers in the industry, Sonnen believes her is a champion and wants another title fight. His wrestling skills are certainly impressive and allows him to control fights. His standup isn’t that bad either and his got some good submissions in his arsenal. Sonnen would be confident coming into this and the 3 round format suits his style better than 5 rounds.

Evans hasn’t been against a world class wrestler like Sonnen for a long time. It will be interesting to see if he can stop the take downs. I suspect he can’t and Sonnen will be able to control this fight. The fight difference is a big issue on the ground that suits Sonnen for mine.

Chael Sonnen by Submission or Points ($2.89 with Sportsbet)

Rory MacDonald vs Robbie Lawler

This will be a great fight. MacDonald has dominated his last 5 opponents winning the striking game significantly and landing 2 KO’s and 3 Decisions. Lawler comes into this with nothing to lose. 3 of his last 4 fights have ended in KO’s of his opponent. Interestingly, his last 7 wins have all come in R1 or R2 KO’s. Lawler hasn’t been KO’d in a long time and hasn’t been submitted since 2009.

Rory MacDonald
While his opponent isn’t known for takedowns, MacDonald shouldn’t have to worry. He has a HUGE 86% Takedown Defense Stats which tells me he won’t be on his back throughout this fight. He is on a roll and looking towards a title fight. I get the feeling taking down Lawler will be in their strategy. MacDonald should be able to trade with Lawler, but if you don’t have to risk trading with that knock-out power, you won’t!

Robbie Lawler
Stepping up from Strikeforce in 2013, He beat Koscheck in the first round knocking him out. Koscheck had landed two takedowns in that round as well which is something to watch. His next fight included a take down and pass and ended in a knockout. His previous tow loses were in decisions including one where he was taken down 5 times and had his guard passed 4 times. Previous to that, he was also submitted for the title in R3. He was on the ground for a lot of that fight also.

Lawler comes into this as a huge underdog. He will be letting them fly in Round 1. I can’t see him winning this outside of a KO. MacDonald on the other hand will be looking to avoid that KO power. Takedowns seem a must in his game plan and a win by Submission or Points looks on the cards if he is to go all the way.

Rory MacDonald by Submission or on Points ($1.72 with Sportsbet)



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